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My son loved the camp! He learned more "Tricks" in one week than in two years of soccer. I loved how wonderful the staff were with the children. - Julie Wolfe NJ

We guarantee every player will have a fantastic soccer experience this summer. Qualified, motivated professional UK Elite coaches will instruct every program.

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A dynamic global curriculum will introduce you to soccer games & activities from Brazil, England, Spain, Holland and USA.


Summer Camps

Please choose your state below to view our Summer Camp schedule. We offer a full range of age appropriate programs and you can find more by clicking on the tabs above. We guarantee that every player will improve over the course of the week, and of course have a fantastic time!

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Petite Soccer Camps

U.K. Petite U.K. Petite

As a sport Soccer incorporates constant movement, aerobic exercise, balance and eye-foot coordination as well as healthy social interaction. It is also an ideal activity to promote all round physical development in early childhood.

U.K. Petite Summer Soccer Camps help to increase early physical and emotional development with 3 - 5 year old children. The fun, healthy and exciting world of soccer can now be part of their active lifestyle.

Petite Camps are typically 75 or 90 minutes a day, Monday to Friday. Each day is structured to promote individualized learning through the medium of fun soccer related games and activities.

Our philosophy and methodology is based on cutting edge educational principles of how children learn techniques and develop them into skills while having a FANTASTIC TIME!

Parents are welcome to stay and join in the fun!

U.K. Petite Soccer Show Schedule

Soccer Camps Individual Players 5-8

Soccer Camps Soccer Camps

U.K. Elite Soccer Camps for children ages 5 - 8 offer the perfect combination of learning and FUN!

These action packed camps are typically 3 or 4 hours a day - Monday to Friday. Camp days are designed to promote learning of techniques and skills focusing on the individual player.

Each day follows a national theme, introducing young players to the international flavor of soccer.

Mon Brazil The most successful nation in the history of soccer!
Tue Spain Currently #1 in the world
Wed Holland Renowned technical players and a 4v4 style of soccer perfect for learning tactics
Thu England Home of the EPL, the fastest and most dynamic league in the world
Fri USA An emerging powerhouse, we get players in touch with their home nation

A typical day will include mass games, structured practices, scrimmages, and our World Cup Tournament to end each day.

Our professional coaches will ensure players have a memorable experience & improve their skills.

U.K. Elite Soccer Camps Show Schedule

Soccer Schools Individual Players 8-14

Soccer Schools Soccer Schools

U.K. Elite Soccer Schools are designed to take players 8 - 14 to the next level of skill.

Building on from our Soccer Camp curriculum, our Schools prepare individual players for more advanced technical skills and an understanding of individual and group tactics.

Our dynamic coaching methods, taken from around the world, will ensure every player makes significant improvements during the week.

A typical day will include:

8.30‑9am Arrival
9‑9.30am Daily Ball Wizardry (Elite Feet moves)
9.30‑10.30am Technique and Skill activities (all to goal)
10.30‑10.45am Break
10.45‑11.15am Conditioned Games (intro to tactics)
11.15‑12.00pm Small sided World Cup tournament
12pm Closure and pick up

Our professional coaches will ensure players have a memorable experience & improve their technical skills and tactical understanding of the game.

U.K. Elite Soccer Schools Show Schedule
Show Schedule

What is Residential Soccer Training?

Our residential weeks are designed for teams and players motivated to truly fulfil their
potential. They run from Sunday afternoon to Thursday evening, with players sleeping over at the site or commuting daily.

Along with the information on this page and the other tabs, you can view our movie and current brochure below (or download brochure pdf), and find out more specific details by downloading our Frequently Asked Questions document.


Why do Serious Players Choose Residential Weeks?

Residential Soccer Training
  • U.K. Elite Soccer makes players better. Guaranteed.
  • We create the best possible learning environment for youth soccer players.
  • We encourage, motivate and challenge players to maximize their potential.
  • We teach how, when, why and where skills are best used.
  • We provide a true 24/7 opportunity for player development.

5 Classroom Sessions:

  • Video Analysis
  • Performance Diaries
  • Principles of Attack & Defense
  • Self Evaluation

14 Field Sessions:

  • Advanced International Training Curriculums
  • Technical, Tactical, Functional Training Sessions
  • PACE Training (Power, Acceleration, Co-Ordination, Explosiveness)
  • Coached Scrimmages
  • Immediate Feedback & Analysis

Typical Daily Schedule

7:30 am
Rise & Shine
8-8:30 am
8:30 am
Extended Day players arrive
Prep for Field Session1
Field Session 1: Warm Up/Technical Training on the daily theme/PACE/Cool Down
11.15-12 pm
Shower, Reflection on morning session, Coach feedback
12-12:30 pm
12:30-1.15 pm
Rest/Performance Diaries/Video Analysis
1.15-1:30 pm
Prep for Field Session 2
1:30-3.15 pm
Field Session 2: Warm Up/Tactical Training on daily theme/PACE/Cool Down
3:30-4 pm
Shower, Reflection on afternoon session, Coach feedback
4-5 pm
Rest/Performance Diaries/Video Analysis/Swimming
5-5:30 pm
5:30-6 pm
Prep for Field Session 3
6-8 pm
Field Session 3: Tournament/Small Sided Scrimmages/Full Sided Scrimmages
8 pm
Extended Day players leave
8-8:30 pm
Shower, Reflection on evening session, Coach feedback
8:30-10 pm
Rest/Lectures/Quiz/Structured Activities/Coach feedback
10 pm
Lights Out

For more information contact us at residential@ukelite.comor call 973-631-9802 ext 209.

Show Schedule


Our Team Training Weeks provide the best possible pre-season training for teams of all ages & abilities. We customize the curriculum for each team and a typical week includes 15 hours of training. We provide training shirts for players and coaches, plus a written team evaluation at the end of the week.

To discuss your team needs & your team rate you can fill in our online form to Customize Your Curriculum, contact us at or call 973-631-9802.

19 Team Sessions

Team Training Weeks
  • Season Training Plan
  • Formation
  • Transition
  • Shooting / Goalscoring
  • Defending as a unit
  • Set Plays - offensive / defensive
  • .............

The depth of knowledge of the coaches is impressive. They really understand the game and how to teach it to High School players effectively. We look at this week as the unofficial start to our Fall season. Tom Rowan, Pocono Mt. East HS, PA

My coaches and I spent the week watching every session, listening to every comment and loving every minute of it! The best team experience we've ever had.Jim Tobin, Hornell HS Boys, NY

Show Schedule

Represent U.K. Elite Soccer Summer 2015

Boys and Girls Tournament Teams U9-U14

Our Summer Tournament Teams provide players aged U9-U14 an opportunity to play competitive soccer through June and July.

This player centered program challenges individuals to become effective in game situations through bi-weekly training sessions and 2-3 regional tournaments.

Tryouts take place from November 2014 - April 2015
  • Early/mid June to mid/late July 2015
  • 5-6 week program
  • 8-10 training sessions
  • 2-3 tournaments
  • Full time professional coaching
  • Adidas player uniform additional fee
  • Teams based at regional locations

Please click a location on the right to find out more information and to register for tryouts

Interested in hosting your own U.K. Elite Soccer Summer Tournament Team?
Please contact:

Craig McGinn
973 631 9802 ext 203

Check out images from previous years on our official Facebook page: